Here we have the mobile footage followed by the Live panel show in the evening. We apologise about the picture quality at points, Internet wasn’t fantastic.


  1. I will never go to another Welsh Rally, made to feel like an outcast because of my Union flag, I travelled over 200 miles to show my support because of Dan asking the English to join with them in a show of solidarity , never again.

    • Who made you feel like an outcast? Many travelled from far, and if you joined the Voice of Wales team, we would never make you feel like an outcast.

  2. Funny how everyone at this rally would’ve at some point in their life, drunk alcohol, smoked ciggies, dabbled in drugs, taken prescription drugs not knowing what’s in them, takes HRT, Swallow Viagra.
    Everything I have mentioned is harmful to your health. But lets not go there hey?


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