I for one am relieved, not because as the far left say I’m “homophobic”, but because the position of Equalities Minister is the most pointless and dystopian job in existence, as well as a huge burden to the taxpayers. The sole role of this person is to pander and bend over backward to the left by lecturing others on the topic of diversity and creating laws which favour “minority ethnic groups” and those in the more diverse category than the notorious white, straight, toxic, masculine male who many have come to “fear”. You may say, yes but James you say “pander to the left” but Mike Freer is a member of the Conservatives? The Conservatives, like Labour, have lost their traditional and historical values and have all merged together with the same ideologies, political beliefs, and end goals. Due to these diversity laws, most companies secretly have a quota, meaning that instead of hiring based on qualifications, experience or skill, you get hired based on skin colour. I believe that hits the definition of racism right? Well, because the quota aims to hire people with as many “diversity” checkmarks as possible (such as black, gay, Muslim, trans, etc), in their mind this isn’t racism but “inclusivity.”

But going back to the title, Mr Mike Freer claimed they are creating a “hostile” environment for LGBT+ people, so let’s take a look at everything they’ve done which negates that claim,

1. They appointed a national LGBT health advisor to reduce the alleged “health inequalities” that community faces.
2. They extended the anti-homophobic and trans programme in schools.
3. They brought forward proposals to end the practice of conversion therapy in schools.
4. Instead of focusing on non- subjective crimes (offence is subjective – taken not given) they used millions of taxpayer funding to take further action on hate crime toward the LGBT community – this is evident from the LGBT posters that got ripped down that the police began a criminal investigation into.
5. They reformed the Gender Recognition Act 2004.
6. They literally fund pride.

Even with the amount of support and benefits they get from the woke government, they are still not pleased. I must say, however, that when I say “they” I am not directing it to everyone who “swings the other way”, I am merely directing it to the LGBT movement as a whole. LGB are even separating themselves from the rest. Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual are sexualities, whereas the rest are “genders” stemming from an array of people with “gender dysphoria” that instead of treating, we encourage through ridiculously woke policies that benefit one group and disadvantage the rest. This ideology that everyone needs to conform to the same opinion is ludicrous and needs to end now!

A bit of added information, Mike Freer was the 32nd Tory MP to quit the government in response to the Johnson party scandal. If this is the way most of the Tory party members have been behaving, I’d be very interested to know if the Labour party are going to force Keir Starmer to resign after he promised to if receiving an FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) over his involvement with the Partygate scandal. Earlier last week, he did indeed receive an FPN.

*Below is a picture of Mike Freer’s resignation letter.*



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