Last night, South Wales Police visited James’s parents house looking to interview him.

James (who doesn’t live at this address) then rang 101. He was told that in one of his videos covering the secret Migrant Hotels in Cardiff he referred to the illegal immigrants as “Undocumented Aliens”.

Although no one had actually complained, South Wales Police stated they were concerned that an ‘ethnic minority’ may be offended.

In fact they were so concerned by the use of the words ‘undocumented Aliens’ they chose to prioritise this online incident and diverted uniform officers from their other duties on a busy Saturday night to take action.

They said to James in the phone conversation “You have to take this video down” and threatened that if someone did actually complain they would investigate to establish if offences had been committed.

It appears that South Wales Police are prioritising their time and resources to monitor VOW videos in a desperate attempt to find evidence of non-crime hate incidents, surely it would be better to use resources to prevent and detect serious crimes within their area, and to try to restore public confidence in their woke officers?

They want to keep these hotels secret.

A message to South Wales Police


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