More Truths to be Revealed

Stan says: The death by suicide of Dr. David Kelly was in reality a state sponsored killing under the orders of the Prime Minister to stop the truth about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ (Or lack thereof) to reach main stream media.

The 59-year-old scientist’s body was discovered on July 18, 2003, days after he had been grilled publicly in front of a Select Committee of MPs about his contact with the BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan.

Dr. Kelly, a chemical weapons expert who worked for the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence, was soon unmasked by Downing Street officials as the BBC’s informant.

Among other urgent questions that remain unaddressed are:

  • Why incomplete evidence concerning Dr Kelly’s whereabouts during the last week of his life was given to the Hutton Inquiry?
  • Why the forensic pathologist who conducted the post-mortem claimed Dr Kelly was 2st lighter than he actually was?
  • Why a police search helicopter with thermal imaging equipment, which had flown three hours before over the wood where his body was eventually found, did not detect it – despite the fact that his body temperature would have been warm enough at the time to register on the helicopter’s search system?

The Hutton Inquiry was deeply flawed, raising more questions than answered.

My views remain that Tony Blair was and is a mass murderer. The one who sent our boys off to fight in an illegal war, many of whom never came home alive!

On the day he died, but before his body had been officially found, his dentist discovered that his patient records had disappeared. Who took the records? When did they do so? Why did they want them?

There should be a full inquest.


  1. There shoud certainly be an inquiry. I remember the death of the scientist.
    I did question that the mass distriction waepons were untrue which then cane to light! Blair escaped prosecution! Completely unjust!!!!

  2. Well said.
    Another crime/murder swept under the carpet.
    Another suspicious death, is that of Robin Cook MP (after he resigned from Blair’s cabinet) for Livingston

  3. My view as to why the dental records were removed:

    They took the dental records so to compare them with the deceased teeth to prove that it must have been Dr Kelly.

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