Wales Cannot Cope

Stan Says: With Wales being on of the poorest Countries within the United Kingdom; Poverty, morbidity, suicides and homelessness. We cannot just open the door to more problems. We need to solve the challenges we have not heap more and burden this Country even more.

The Great Replacement of native Welshmen in our Cities has meant places like Swansea, Cardiff, Newport & Wrexham swamped. Drugs, especially Heroin flood Swansea, Knife crime, Gangs and County lines, assaults and muggings are turning our Cities and Towns across Wales into ‘Mini London’s’ where Murders, Rapes & Stabbings hardly feature as newsworthy or raise an eyebrow.

WALES cannot cope with this influx of Afghans or indeed any other group which wash up on Our beaches. We need to solve our homelessness, housing crisis, crumbling Welsh NHS and Economy before trying to solve everyone else’s.


I simply cannot agree with Pembrokeshire, or the Welsh Government, as they discuss how to ‘play their part’ in supporting people fleeing Afghanistan as the dangerous situation there escalates.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I have noticed people turning up ‘out of nowhere’ already, our government seems to be silently seeping them into our currently pleasant cohesive societies as if for us life is too good at the moment here in pembrokeshire and it was about time that we shared some of the enforced burden, the housing lists have gone almost to zero, people who have been on it, looking for homes for years, bypassed with a blink of an eye, people who may have contributed to their own misery by voting for this terrible, corrupt socialist government who cares not for those who voted for them, these people piling up their own funeral Pyre as Enoch would say, how prophetic eh

  2. Alright butt.. Great show like the other day ..what I dislike see is all these bums on welfare from my old school doing nothing all day. Guys I grew up with, plenty in Swansea yeah ? White guys on the street doing nuffing…young guys who can work see.
    Did I tell ewe? I got more shifts at poundland..working more hours. Got mouths to feed butt. I can get a good word in if you fancy a few shifts in poundland? I know you and Stan are not working.. hard innit on the giro…? Let me know yeah
    Cheers butt
    Gary Evans