Stan Says:- We really should not take lessons from the ungodly NWO stooge currently residing in Lambeth Palace!

Everyone will remember the parable of the ‘Good Samaritan’ and the help and assistance he gave to those less fortunate than himself. This is the very same sermon we can draw upon in the case of sending ‘illegal migrants’ to

The BBC & MSM harp on about events which took place in 1994 – nearly 30 years ago – yet we were happy to assist Germany and its genocide immediately after the war.

Rwanda like Germany has changed and by diverting these illegals not only helps and assists Rwanda with much needed income but also stops the people trafficking which blights the whole continent of Europe.

The genuine applicants will feel safe and secure. Those who falsely claim asylum and in doing so, clog up the system, will be put off and the traffickers driven out of business.

This good old fashioned ‘being cruel to be kind’ was a measure Voice of Wales proposed over a year ago and rightly so. Our schools, NHS, GP and dental services are at capacity and VoW is grateful to the Home Secretary that they took on board our suggestion.


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