Only Poland, Russia & Hungary appear to be defending what I would call Christendom whilst the EU and Biden promote the Sodom & Gomorrah of biblical times. Voice of Wales believes in two sexes, two genders and loving relationships. The nuclear family is by far the most important. It is this group that needs love, support and encouragement to thrive. PRIDE and Stonewall should not have any influence in local and central government. Equality has been reached and should have no more rights than any other organisation. BUT THEY DO! The depiction of a bare-breasted Madonna with a penis at a PRIDE event – and another ejaculating onto the crowd is a sign of how corrupt society has become thanks to the lack of action from the police and the pushing of such evil through the aforementioned organisations.

EU to Push ‘Anti-White Racist Policies’ Using Draft Equalities Report

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  1. The depiction of the Madonna is outrageous. I can’t believe this was acceptable by anyone! I haven’t seen it and don’t want to. Yet a film is withdrawn because another religious group are offended.


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