Individual Freedom

Personal and Family Responsibility

The Rule of Law

Limited Government

Free Market Economy

National Parliamentary Democracy

Strong National Defences

A free press and other media

Freedom of Religion and Belief

Freedom of Speech, Expression and Assembly

The Ministry of Justice says that its plan ‘will set British courts free from the obligation to follow case law from the Strasbourg court in every circumstance’ and will ‘make it clear that the UK’s own Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter on human-rights issues’.

Predictably, the reaction to this has been hysterical. Critics have branded the plan to scrap the Human Rights Act as ‘racist’.

Perhaps we might have something to worry about from the government’s plans if Britain had genuinely become a freer place, with more safeguards on our civil liberties, since the Human Rights Act came into force. But if anything, the opposite is true.

Human rights have done nothing to defend our freedoms


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