Stasi Tactics To Silence Dissent

Whilst not condoning any violent or extreme response to the ongoing migrant crisis impacting the UK, the firebomb attack and this man’s mental health and hatred issues were no doubt aggravated by the inaction of our politicians and security services to deal with what millions of people now rightly regard as an invasion and destruction of our country.

But in 2022 If you dare to use your democratic right to criticise the establishment’s view on the impact of their failed immigration, asylum and multiculturalism policies – which have caused the lack of housing, schools, doctors and general health care, lack of police and the huge increase in crime and in the destruction of our entire infrastructure – you are no longer considered a ‘loyal patriot’ trying to protect your culture and family, you are now a ‘Far Right Terrorist’

The Police appear to have taken tips straight from the Communist’s rule book, the Left use the same strategy to tarnish opposition and shut down free speech and alternative opinions by labeling opponents as racists, nazis, facists and bigots.

Instead of staying non-political, the police prefer to label you as a ‘far right’ terrorist in the public domain and automatically place you in their intel system as a potential criminal or threat to your country; they use this strategy to try to discredit and silence persons or journalists who have embarrassed them by highlighting their repeated failures or challenged their transition into a political woke service without capability to tackle crime.

We witness how in this specific incident they aim is to silence and to discredit the attacker by utilizing their public platforms to use a person’s private medical information to highlight ‘slight mental health and hatred issues’, they then link him to the ‘far right’ ideology to try to demonise his views, to deter others who are also concerned about the destruction of their communities and culture from speaking out.

But compare that to the establishment’s views after numerous violent attacks in the UK carried out by jihadists or muslim rape gangs. We then witness the complete opposite ‘these poor souls had severe mental health problems and were not responsible for their actions, they acted as individuals without support and they are not a true representative of their community or ideology. There is no further risk to the wider community and we must work together to ensure the actions of an individual doesn’t cause division.

Dover firebombing: ‘terrorist ideology’ motivated at the attack on migrant centre


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