The danger when Socialism mutates into Fascism.

Definition of Fascism: “fascism is a form of authoritarian ultra-nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and the economy.

We all witnessed during lockdown the eagerness of the Socialist Coalition in Cardiff to create legislation and enforce it ruthlessly to keep us in fear and show the Welsh population who were their masters.

There can be no doubt the Senedd love ‘big Government’, and being in control of every aspect of our lives: interference in education of our kids, outlawing smacking, enforcing LGBTQ views on Christians, ignoring Brexit intending to force us back under control of the EU, opening our borders to potential criminals/ terrorists from third world countries.

The left-wing Socialists will always label their enemies as fascists/ racists, their favourite tactic to smear opponents and shut down debate. But as the two articles below show Hitler and Mussolini started out on their Political journey as Socialists, Hitler made a pact with Stalin.

We can look at examples of communist/socialist governments throughout the world, a few things they have in common: they rule through ‘big Government’ and fear, their economy’s fail, only the ruling class at the top of the communist structure profit, the majority of people suffer in poverty.

Today in socialist run Wales we observe the ongoing power grab and loss of our freedoms as the Senedd politicians follow their destiny and repeat history as they morph into true Fascists like Mussolini and Hitler.



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