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Stan says: I wrote some weeks ago about Agenda  21/30 and the NWO plan to make our great Country dependent solely on China.

The Green agendas is overtaking common sense. The U.K. will now be spending £2.4 BILLION paying farmers to not grow food! The plan is to replace the European Union‘s common agricultural policy – called the ‘Sustainable Farming Incentive’. It was launched by Environment Secretary George Eustice at the Oxford Farming Conference held on the 6th January.

Farmers also reacted with fury to Boris Johnson‘s ‘ridiculous’ £800million plan to “rewild” swathes of the UK’s fields, telling the Prime Minister: ‘We know how to manage land – for goodness sake leave us alone to do what we do best’. 

From 2023 the taxpayer will fund 15 large nature reserve projects of up to 12,000 acres across the UK plus thousands of other smaller projects. The ‘landscape recovery’ rewilding scheme will eventually cost £800million from 2028. 

We are surrounded by water yet our fishing fleet lay up in harbours around the fishing ports of Great Britain!

Boris Johnson’s pursuit of a ‘green dream’ for Britain – including eating less meat, banning petrol cars from 2030 and scrapping gas boilers.
He will have a fight on this hands as the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs insists that projects will not go ahead if food production is risked and claims it will help cut greenhouse gases in the UK by the equivalent of taking between 12,000 to 25,000 petrol or diesel cars off the road. 

Time and time again we see that there’s cash incentives involved.
All the new schemes will be voluntary and it will be for farmers to decide what combination of actions is right for them.

But it appears that if they don’t go along with it, they will miss out on cash.

The killing of UK farmers through legislations and tree deals will mean that we the people will have to buy all the food from big corporations raising the prices
AGENDA 21/30  and the New World Order never sleeps.


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