Voice of Wales condemns absolutely threats of violence and stands four square for PEACEFUL Freedom of Speech.

It is however noted that ‘The Editorial’ of the Herald does not stand Four Square behind impartial news coverage and the ‘Editorial Balance’ would serve its readers by stating plainly ‘Left of Centre’!

The Badger is but one ‘Commie Tool’ the Herald uses to get a ANTIFA/COMMUNIST message across and doesn’t like it when the Voice of Wales replies to a clearly wide of the mark and ranting report on a group of mainly ‘white fossils’ taking the knee after BAME second rate penalty kickers in the EUROs where substituted white counterparts – and then loosing the game and finals.

I can only surmise Tom has promised to rectify an article once too often or Indeed given BADGER keeps company with IRA/SinnFein and PLO Supporters, this is a rouse to blacken Councillor Dawson’s name.

Either alternatives are viable.

Tom, I do believe it’s Two Articles you’ve promised Voice of Wales?


Also, a retraction for Pembrokeshire Patriot and a article for Welsh Warriors and the Keystone Cops identifying currently as Law Enforcement!

No doubt you also have promised many others the right of redress but have let them down also.

Note: check Vincent’s & Badgers handwriting before your paper blames ‘ The Right’!

To watch the full video of our conversation with Tom you can do so on the following link

Voice Of Wales.


  1. Is the badger Vincent the pig farmer ? Honk honk

  2. Who is Paul Dawson?

  3. He is a very good Councillor in Pembroke Dock

  4. I’m afraid not – The badger is………..

  5. I’m Paul Dowson