In this episode we look into Stand up to Racism.

We highlight who the main foot soldiers are, who their leaders are and who they idolise. We give them the opportunity to substantiate their claims, watch along to find out how they reacted.


  1. Marxist lefties, YOU are the nazis, the fascists!

  2. To smear someone (black, Jewish or white) who wants sensible/sustainable immigration quotas and stringent vetting procedure’s and passport control a “Nazi” is appalling disrespect to victims of the Holocaust. Some people have no self awareness, no perspective and no sense of decency to know, or to even recognise what a REAL historical “Nazi” was all about. Shame on them!

    QUOTE: “Racism is not dead, but it is on life support – kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as racists.” (Thomas Sowell).

    Is it any wonder why decent and moderate black voice and opinion is so disgusted by pretend anti-racism impostors who intend to drag race relations backwards? The fact that these impostors resort to malicious false accusation, gas lighting, psycho babble and mind-reading nonsense e.g. “white fragility”….. “white privilege” and “unconscious bias” says it all to me.

    These so called anti-racist impostors people want MORE of it not less!

  3. More thoughts…..

    There are two things that I have always found absolutely insane by sheer hypocrisy i.e. why do these phony anti-racist impostors who call others “Nazi” always seek to differentiate and divide people by relentlessly seeing them through the lens of colour? And why are they so desperate to portray BAME people as victims and second class. Because? That looks racist to me.

    Is it any wonder why many people of colour get so annoyed at pseudo-do-gooders patronising them.

    And the usual candidates e.g. White middle class: well paid college lecturer type, well paid trade union official type, well paid third sector type, well paid white collar public sector type, wet behind the ears student activist etc? BAME people do not require the protection and condescension of comfort-zoned, cushy-number detached exploiting them to look “right on”. It’s insulting!

    And the need to lie and create imaginary enemies, whist sensationalising and sexing up their grammar by using over-the-top words like “Nazi”? Do these people have any self awareness?

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