Here is the full footage form when Voice Of Wales travelled to Telford to cover the documentary the rape of Britain.

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  1. Good work, I hope you have good legal counsel because we don’t want these criminals getting off on a technicality because of exposure before any trial which is whatwe want. Justice

  2. Tommy’s ‘Rape of Britain Demo’ also his other Demo’s were never/and will never be about causing a race-riot, racism or anything other, it is simply about exposing the rapists, grooming gangs, paedophile’s, the dirty nonce’s and this is 100% fact! All those involved in having counter-protests against Tommy or against anyone else exposing the same sums them up for what they are! Indeed everyone should be against child-rape and grooming-gangs no matter who is exposing it! The type of people who counter-protest will always mislead you with words like ‘far-right, will bring out the racist cards as they can not debate or make an argument to it is much easier for them to name-call without evidence to back them up’. When you ask them for proof of Tommy and the protestors being far-right, fascists or racists they never produce it as there is none. Standing up for rapists, grooming gangs and paedophiles’ is disgusting, sickening and unforgivable and huge SHAME is on anyone who does that and ‘if you are one of these, Antifa, Hope not Hate or any other group’ then I seriously recommend that you visit a Psychiatric Doctor immediately…

  3. Its time we demanded mps do what we pay them for. Or they go.


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