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The free press and journalism have a long and proud history in all parts of the United Kingdom.

Since the days of John Wilkes, an outspoken 18th-century journalist and popular London politician who came to be regarded as a victim of persecution and as a champion of liberty because he was repeatedly expelled from Parliament. Journalists have never shied away from holding the powerful to account – and in so doing, their work has shaped our society. And ‘small’ Voice of Wales speak for people, especially those who feel oppressed.

Underneath this however lies a fundamental principle: that a journalist, whatever their persuasion (Left or right), can do their job to the best of their ability, without fear or favour.

Wales has a plethora of left leaning and Labour infused correspondents and media companies with no-one allowed to give or express a differing viewpoint from the Regime in Cardiff Bay.

Unfortunately, too many journalists working in the Wales today can no longer take that right for granted, and are facing both abuse, incarceration or threats to their personal safety as ANTIFA/BLM and the rest of the Looney Left, and in addition encroachments on their freedom of expression as the ‘Thought’ Police make new laws or outlaw groups and use the Stasi to enforce the dictats!

A world where journalists are silenced by either fear or censorship is a much poorer one.

The Westminster Government, which was elected on a manifesto commitment to defend the freedom of the press, must be robust in shielding Voice of Wales and others from both. An action plan must help safeguard us from threats to our safety and online safety legislation must enshrine in law protections for journalistic content, free debate and prevention of seizure of equipment to prevent them from publishing or earning a living by overzealous Stasi!

This country must be a place where all journalists are kept as safe as possible to undertake their vital work without the risk of arrest, torture, and persecution.

It’s shocking that Voice of Wales Journalists experienced incarceration, sleep deprivation, vital medicines withheld, hunger and thirst whilst covering a peaceful protest with an overzealous Chief Inspector so full of himself he did not recognize the protesters where never a threat!

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  1. It’s hard to believe this has happened in our country. Bad enough that you were arrested, but to hear you were not offered food or access to your meds is surely an infringement of your human rights. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!!”

  2. The far left is so ingrained into the police and Welsh politics now that they will feel able to put any draconian restriction on you that the dictator sees fit, we see the monster that is the Welsh labour government aided by its military arm in full view now and its an evil that must be defeated

  3. Until we stop voting for these people we will always be downtrodden, they take us for granted and show us no respect; meanwhile the tories don’t care about us because we will never vote for them. As far as I can see, devolution gave them the chance to show what they could do and they have failed, Wales need to move on

  4. If you had been there reporting how well the vaccine roll out was progressing no action would have been taken. Therefore this Is censorship, not upholding the law. The way you were treated can only be deliberate and sounds like a human
    rights issue.

  5. So glad to see you say this, journalism should not just be the right of those who can spell correctly or write coherently.


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