Article by Stan Robinson and Paul Burgess.

The UK authorities have given the go ahead to develop Sizewell C, NPP ) and in the process enraged the eco-activists and no doubt Mrs. Johnson. The NPP state it will produce “reliable, low-carbon electricity to help Britain achieve Net Zero” and will have the capacity to supply six million homes with energy. AT PRESENT the cost of the new 3.2-gigawatt project, mostly funded by French company EDF, is estimated to be £20 billion. Sizewell C will be built next to the operational Sizewell B and Sizewell A, which was decommissioned in 2006. EDF touted the move as “the biggest milestone so far in the approval process.”
EDF claim “Sizewell C will be good for the region, creating thousands of opportunities for local people and businesses. It will boost local biodiversity and leave a legacy Suffolk can be proud of”.

Paul Burgess our Climate Change Expert has looked at the plan and noted:- ‘The Sizewell plans are basically good – the future has to be nuclear for base and gas for in day fluctuation hence I totally support nuclear power. I would like to see more of the modular reactors such as the Stable Salt reactor but the plan for these reactors is a good one – just need to kick off fracking now.’

I am not bothered by any CO2 production which is mainly beneficial’. Stan asks just one question – Why are we allowing a foreign power to have an interest in national infrastructure of this country? France threatens this country on a regular basis and is busily engaged in assisting the illegal invasion of thousands of undesirables from their shores?


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