Official figures show Wales has a housing crisis which is getting worse each year.

In 2018 Shelter Cymru estimated the number of households on waiting lists for social housing in Wales to be 60,500 people, and in 2020 that figure had increased to 67,000.

Any sensible Politician would look to establish the cause of the problem, to stop the situation deteriorating, but the Socialists at the Senedd have a different approach, as they ignore the problems of Welsh families and instead prefer to import thousands of migrants from around the world to virtue signal their ‘Nation of Sanctuary’.

They propose to build 20,000 new homes, no doubt many will be used to house and buy votes from their new imported supporters, so much for their Green ‘save the planet agenda’

Currently the new arrivals are offered housing by government contractors such as Clearsprings handing millions of pounds to private landlords, creating a migrant industry generating generous profits for its shareholders at the expense of the taxpayers.

But don’t expect the new Tories to come to the rescue to resolve the problem, since becoming a Liberal Party in 2010 they have lost control of our borders, and also support and profit from the private contractors making millions from the booming migrant industry.

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  1. Completely shocking.

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