Air Force Embraces Gender Neutral Pronouns, ‘Airman’ Becomes ‘Air-Per’

Stan Says: I don’t know weather I’m beginning to become Victor Meldrue the older I get, as I just don’t believe in, nor understand why the ‘Woke’ Defence Ministry Wants to Double the number of Women Recruits. The role of the British Armed forces is to kill the Queen’s Enemies’. And whilst equality is a ‘nice to have,’ coming second in battle and war isn’t an option.

The MoD began this ‘wokery’ almost two decades ago, and I maintain since the Falklands the British haven’t won a war.

“It is clear that the military is a male-dominated institution and so I am pleased that the government has set itself ambitious targets, such as doubling the proportion of female recruits, and has accelerated workstreams on women’s health, uniform and equipment,” insisted Sarah Atherton, supposedly a Conservative MP and the chair of Parliament’s Women in the Armed Forces Sub-Committee.

The number of women recruits in the British military will be doubled by 2030 as part of plans announced by the Ministry of Defence. The drive comes despite the fact that the British military’s overall manpower has been tumbling and may soon fall to its weakest ever numbers.

Meanwhile, a bill currently before the U.S. Congress may allow women to be drafted for military service in the future, and  the National Defense Authorization Act was passed by the House of Representatives in September, and included an amendment mandating women to sign up alongside men.

The Senate is currently considering the bill, with a decision being expected by December 11th.


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