A Congratulations is in order.

Hooray for common sense at last in overturning the ridiculous mandatory vaccine for front line NHS staff.

I suspect the prospect of losing 90,000 staff may just have helped this decision.

There are many conservative backbenchers who were appalled at the idea of mandatory vaccines and along with unions fought to get it overturned.

We’re being told it’s because Omicron is a less dominant variant so less of a risk.

Yes it appears to be, but the debacle of such a catastrophic loss of staff has tipped the balance.

We have to applaud the bravery of those who refused to be vaxxed despite possibly losing their job. They have showed us how to stand up to be counted.

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sajid Javid updated Parliament on vaccines as a condition of deployment on 31 January.

“Mr Deputy Speaker, nowhere is vaccination more important than in our health and social care system.

So, Madam Deputy Speaker, today I am announcing that we will launch a consultation on ending vaccination as a condition of deployment in health and all social care settings.

Well done to all of them.


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  1. Good news for the moment at least. well done to V.O.W. you’re doing a great job. If Mr Drakeford would close all c19 restrictions or resign we could begin to address the damage done here in Wales.


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