In recent years the government has been pushing “energy providers” to install smart meters in every home in the UK. As we have come to learn, anything that is pushed by the government usually has an agenda behind it so why are they so desperate to get these meters in our homes?

On the 1st October the government announced that it would be collecting, storing and processing all British smart meter data. This is despite assurances given over many years that the data was under the control of households and only they could access it. It could not be shared without their express permission and it could only be used for billing purposes.

We also have to ask can they control how much energy we use? If they decide we are using too much or want to control usage at peak times, can they simply switch off our supply remotely? Their motives certainly appear sinister and there needs to be push back as this is just another step towards digital slavery.

You do not have to agree to having a smart meter fitted, it is your right to refuse it despite what your “energy provider” may tell you. They are under pressure from the government and will do their best to coerce you into having one. If you already have smart meters fitted you can request to have them removed.

Your data is your most precious thing. Ditch your smart meters if you have them. They are just another control mechanism. Just say no.


  1. I have normal meters but have been Informed you can legally change them to your own,but please check. Never pay for water and o lying pay for what you use

  2. Is that true that we can ask for the smart meter to be taken our?

    • Yes. They may refuse so you have to stand your ground and keep pushing. You can get them changed privately if necessary


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