Eyebrows have been raised by many and we don’t blame them.

It’s good to see local papers finally taking notice, especially when you’re working with children. As a school governor, this is not appropriate behaviour, not to mention for a local Cllr and deputy mayor who was on the board of Governors at Pembroke Dock Community School,  a position his held since June 2017.

This is now being investigated by the public service ombudsman and rightly so, as the Tic Toc videos made by Josh Beynon is of concern and I wouldn’t want my children, or in fact, any child near this person.

According to Cllr Beynon, he was only making fun of himself as he said: ” They were just me making fun out of me.” Describing them as “naughty but not nasty.”

More videos can be found online

According to records he has now stepped down and says: “it was always his intentions to stand down when his term ended and had nothing to do with the backlash of the videos.”



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