Voice Of Wales are delighted to announce that joining the team as your climate specialist, Paul Burgess. Here is a short Bio.
Paul Burgess B.Sc., M.Sc., C. Eng (Retired)

An environmentalist since the age of 11 Paul became interested in the climate as a Water Resource Engineers in 1970 when he developed a mathematical model of river flows that uncovered for him the relationship between the 11 year sun cycle and rainfall.

He was Water Resources Engineer for Gwynedd River Authority when Dinorwic Pumped Storage Station was built later to hold the same post for the whole of Wales in the Welsh National Water Development Authority.

Unable to cope with the waste of resources in such an organisation Paul branched out into his own business utilising his modelling skills and developed a product that was awarded the Wales Innovation Award. A product that today is still made in Wales and sold world wide.

Paul has been shocked by the unscientific nature of the entire Net Zero movement and its devastating effect on Western society. As a result he produces dozens of videos for his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/BrackenClocks in order to educate the public on the fraudulent nature of the Net Zero movement. A venture that does not earn him a single penny.

He is always willing to debate anybody 0n the subject.


  1. Welcome to the family Paul. Speaking with you several times now, I know why the Climate Change sirens will not debate you. THEY HAVE NO ANSWERS – They push a false narrative which you expose.

    • Someone who thinks along exactly the same lines as myself – I would love to contact your directly if possible.

  2. Great to hear some of his stuff on wind and net zero madness.
    Where do I find some of his info on solar cycles and rainfall? 2017 was a wet year in NZ, the net zeroists point to that year as a hydro generation benchmark.
    My website covers some parallel info.

  3. I would very much like to contact Paul to discuss climate matters as we seem to think along the same lines.


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