Today, Voice of Wales attended Stand in the park Swansea! This group formed on day 1 of the lockdown and has grown every time! Hot topic today.


  1. Great interview! I live in Penclawdd and feel so alone! I refused the vaccine on ethical grounds. the nurse who offered it me denied that it had been developed using aborted babies, but I stuck to my guns. Then the pharmacist rang up and told me that I was right: she knew it was true. Other people whom I’ve told this to refuse to believe me. Now I am learning about the harm it can do, and who knows what else will come in the future? I fear for my only grandson: my daughter doesn’t believe me and won’t listen to me. How can we stop them doing this to our children if their parents are so brainwashed?

  2. Hello Dorothy and thank you for your kind comments. You are not alone there are a lot of people in the same boat who refuse to take onboard the propaganda.

    I am looking out of my window right now and can see a testing centre with people queuing in the rain – This is how scared the Government has made them!

    Once it is clear this SCANdemic is such – Criminal trials should begin immediately with the Chief medical officer for Wales, England, Scotland and Norther Ireland first in the dock.

    They have put livelihood and private interests ahead on the Country which in there profession is unacceptable


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