In part one we start at Cardiff City Hall and then start marching through the city centre getting some interviews along the way.

Part 2 of the freedom demo and detour to Mark Drackfords house, can be found HERE.


  1. BRILLIANT keep it up. Love the singing.good luck, enjoy your day and never give up your FREEDOMS.

  2. The average IQ here is about 187

  3. Alright butt? What appen to them Imigrants in the hotel I told u about? Sure the bloke said that hotel like.
    They come in most days, if I get me hours..I see them. Depends see on Zero hrs ..I work hard to feed my kids and I hate to see these freeloaders taking benefits and job seekers money..plenty here welsh on the dole in the valleys too!
    Cheers butt.

  4. The average IQ here is about 187

    i think your right there stevey