Wednesday saw day 1 of 3 of the Voice Of Wales show trial. Dan & Stan have had this hanging over them since January and now the case is won, we are pleased to talk about it. Follow up article coming soon.


  1. Who thinks that the accusation that a senior Gwent Police Officer lied in court should cause a charge of perjury against him?

    The people of Gwent should not be policed by a force that could possibly be corrupt. Let him be tried in an open court to determine if the accusation is found true.

    • Dear Terry,

      He’s not only lied In court but on his sworn statement and on film. Hatrick of deceit. It’s not just a matter of corruption, in Smith’s case it is 100% corruption, but you’re also dealing with incompetence at a hard to fathom scale. It’s by design, and not unique in the slightest to Gwent.

      In essence you need to change your mindset if you are to address the problem in any meaningful way. You’re not dealing with “Possibly” corrupt or a few bad apples. Possession (the state of being controlled by a demon or spirit:) is Nine Nine Nine tenths of the law – if you’re joining the battlefield best know what you’re up against, spiritual warfare on an epic scale. The average man and woman can’t fathom whats been kept hidden from them.

      We have Mr Smith under a very watchful gaze as it is.

      Fret not though not Agent Smith, nor any man, nor beast, nor demon, nor spirit, nor all the legions of the underworld can stop what is coming, nothing can. Everything that festers in the darkness will come to the light.

      Dieu et mon droit, no more – Babylon has fallen. The fall of Babylon the Great is the result of God’s judgment as He works through the ten kings to accomplish His will ( Revelation 17:17 ). The King of Kings is marshaling an army, i’d not like to be likes of Mr Smith when they arrive.

      Kind regards,

      Baron Adam Kieran of the House of Wilson. For and on behalf of humanity <3.


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