We are delighted to release the footage of the arrest that we have been wanting to release since January! Including our day at court. Following our win in court today and this now being in the public domain, we are looking forward to releasing it. Please all share.


  1. Well done team!
    What happened with the warrant in court? Any comments by the judge?

  2. Well done for standing up for your rights

  3. The police are the criminals. They are ignoring the legal and lawful documentation,
    and throughout the country others are experiencing the same inaction to protect the masses, and are happy to promote genocide under their jurisdiction. YOu guys made a laughing stock out of them and who cares the judge didn’t even have the spine to say it as it is. Not Guilty.

  4. Will anything be done to the lying police officers or the Dr’s and nurse, after all they would have been happy to see you have a criminal record.
    These police officers have shown they are happy to stitch up the public.

  5. well done , “Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens Fall”

  6. Well done to all concerned. Disturbing that we face this from police who claim to be under their oath, but justice did prevail, even if the judge somehow found that “unfortunate”. Blatantly political.

  7. My initial question was how can a public place have ‘ change of use’ to a vaccine centre and no longer be classed as a public place

  8. Great work guys , thanks for this and all your hard work . Thank goodness you were there that day

  9. Having come out of this the other end I got what I needed from it. I resign myself to Ezekiel’s 33.

    Having said that should Dan or Stan have need of me they need only ask.

    God’s divine timing in all things.


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