Now… To give a background on this. Voice Of Wales have been issued a number of fines for carrying out their journalism work. Before moving into Tier four lockdown Voice of Wales contacted the Welsh assembly government and all four police forces in Wales to seek advice on being able to carry on with their work. The Welsh Government and Gwent police came back and confirmed we were able to travel.

Despite this confirmation being sent in via email, handed to Police officers in Penally, Swansea and Cardiff, South Wales police still say VoW had no justified reason to travel. This means we are off to court!

This could set the president for every non accredited journalist out there! Journalists cannot be restricted. The police nor the government should not be deciding what media is available to you. We are prepared to fight this all the way and will always continue the work we do. If you would like to support us in this court battle the link will be below, every little bit honestly helps.


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