Following on from Lea’s video, we are please to bring you an exclisive interview with the lady herself. We hope you enjoy.


  1. People like this anti vaxx halfwit is the reason that tins of soup have got cooking instructions on them.

    • re-tins of soup – your comment is the reason why you should watch the whole video and pay attention when more knowledgeable people than yourself are speaking, when presenting the certificate lea clearly states this is not an anti vax issue ? so back to the soup – think you’d be going hungry williams

  2. There may be some political shenanigans at work here. I believe our current Cabinet Secretary for Health (or whatever title they have these days,) Baroness Eluned Morgan, lives in Penarth and her husband is a GP there? Correct me if I am wrong, but if I am right, I wonder if this is their local?


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