We All Know The Media is Controlled.

Stan Says:  When the Welsh Government, Local Government and Labour – ‘The Black shirts’ control the media, what chance does anyone else have in putting their truth and point of view across?

Here’s a ‘news’ article published ‘verbatim’ from the Swansea Councils SA. I’ll only highlight the quote from George Orwell: “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations.”

Swansea Bay News didn’t check the accuracy of what ‘The Far Left’ wrote or the Voice of Wales – who was mentioned six times in the article and once in a hashtag! Voice of Wales sent a WITHOUT PREJUDICE Letter to the Editor.

Here’s what Swansea Bay News had to write. They couldn’t even put a journalist name against the article.

Says it all! 

To be Continued…..


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