Voice Of Wales recently attended the Gurkhas demo in London where the UK government have left these proud people out to dry.

Gurkhas, soldiers of Nepali origin, have been serving in the British Army since 1815. They fought in several wars, including the First and Second World Wars, which resulted in over 43,000 deaths, and thousands of casualties. In recognition, 13 Victoria Crosses were awarded to Gurkhas to honour their bravery.

According to the Tripartite Agreement signed between the UK, India and Nepal in 1947, Gurkhas are an integral part of the British Army, so they should receive bravery awards, pay and benefits equal to their British counterparts.

However, contrary to the Tripartite Agreement, the British government fixed the Gurkhas’ pay, pensions and welfare as per the Indian Pay Code. As a result, the pension differences between British and Gurkha soldiers reached 958 per cent in 1989. British Gurkhas have been fighting for equal pay, pensions and welfare since 1990.

The Veteran Community in Britain feel these Brave Warriors have been betrayed by BRITAIN and this injustice needs righting before a Veteran Gurkha looses their life in front of the Cenotaph on Whitehall – Humiliated enough to starve themselves to death.


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