Media Update | Press Release


A Friday VOW Twitter post was picked up and reposted by the legendary Agent Poso aka @Jack Posobiec, subsequently going viral over the course of the weekend.

Candace Owens, Adam Baldwin , Dr. Kelli Ward, Sara Gonzales and Darren Heath were among those re-tweeting Voice Of Wales.

UPDATE 29-04-21: VOW are still intending to interview Officer Brandon Tatum from the original video and were in Twitter contact with him to this end, but are now unable to message him due to the ban – we have contacted his agent via email. More details as we get them. 

Thanks to all for the support!

Jack Posobiec [Agent Poso]
Candace Owens Voice Of Wales Tweet
Adam Baldwin Voice Of Wales Tweet
Dr. Kelli Ward Voice Of Wales Tweet
Daren Heath Voice Of Wales Tweet
Sara Gonzales Voice Of Wales Tweet