As first reported by Voice of Wales, our corrupt incompetent politicians have lost control of our borders. The result is thousands of economic migrants taking over posh hotels such as the Copthorne hotel in Cardiff and the Dragon hotel in Swansea. (The Dragon government contract was cancelled due to reporting by VOW).

Our infrastructure is already collapsing, huge waiting lists for NHS treatment and operations, sick people unable to obtain appointments with doctors and dentists.

Social care for the elderly and people with mental health problems is scarce for UK residents despite taxpayers forced to pay higher National Insurance.

There will be an impact on education with a growth in class sizes and teaching of subjects slowed down because of the need for interpreters for new arrivals.

The housing waiting lists are growing longer, migrants seem to take priority over local people who have been waiting for years. The price of house rental has increased due to shortages of houses caused by the UK Government using taxpayer’s money to provide landlords extra money to prioritise the migrants.

Remember the lies used to cover the closure of the Swansea Dragon hotel? The hotel management, working with the leader of Swansea council Rob Stewart and his puppets in the media, blatantly lied, telling us that ‘the hotel was closed for refurbishment’…same lies and strategy used in hotels throughout the UK.

It’s time for urgent change, out with the old and in with new politicians.


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