This weekend Voice Of Wales stopped off to see Craig Winter. Craig is an ex professional boxer and now a boxing coach/Personal Trainer. Here we discuss the truth around C0 Vid and the experiential jab!


  1. Oh’ve really done it this time Stan …! Mr Winter is a well known drug dealing convict in these parts and not a very bright one ! Been inside not just once..but twice !
    No wonder he’s started to believe things he’s read on Facebook!

    Maybe you could ask him to solve the drug problems in Swansea in the next live..!

    Sgt John Williams.

    • If you really are a police Sgt then you protect pedophiles and assist in the genocide of your own people for a living not too mention all the wonderful green plant cannabis you steal for a living which in the bigger picture which you clearly don’t see is a wonder of the world!

      Craig is a Legend and a Warrior of The Truth

      • Thanks for your support and kind words Simon P

      • Where is does say in my reply that I am a Sergeant in the police? I’m in the Welsh Guards mun ! Roger Trout !

    • Hi Sgt John Williams…

      Yes you are correct I have made some foolish mistakes in my life but after serving my sentences I have found God, repented and made some very positive changes in my life. I have done huge amounts of prayer,meditation and research and I have a huge understanding of what is going on in the world right now..

      I have total faith in German Lawyer Reiner Fuelmich who has conducted a thorough investigation all his interviews of experts can be seen at

      • Sorry I made a mistake with the website address it is
        Please review all of the interviews Sgt Williams
        Maybe you can the see truth

  2. Ha ha! Craig Winters complaining about an experimental Jab.

    He was caught with possession and selling illegal drugs a few years ago. Went to jail.

    • As a FORMER Drug dealer – don’t you think he has a better handle on the muck the Government want to put into peoples bodies?

      We do not judge people actions of the past – We would rather judge his actions now.

      • Winter has always been a figure of fun in wonder he moved to Trefnant.
        English people that live there don’t know the clown.

        A buffoon and a druggie crim that will never change its spots.

        He believes in flying aerosols infecting people with chemicals after reading it on facebook. What else is there to say ….? 🤣🤣🤣

        These are no thoughts of a military man like yourself Stan !

        • He lives in Trefnant? How did this idiot get a property in such an expensive area? Or is this buffoon just loitering of others like he always does. Former drug dealer? What a load of bollocks, doesn’t want the jab but will happily do a line of cocaine. Please.

          • Williams you are an absolute prat, there can be no denying Geo engineering is going on. You are obviously either 77 brigade or a Free Mason neither are very desirable people, I’d sooner be an ex drug dealer than someone who’s job is to stop the spread of truth on line or be part of a satanic organisation that has connections to child sacrifice. For your information Williams I have never lived in Denbigh always on the outskirts and still do have a lot of good friends in Denbigh. I personally believe you are a fake character here to cause trouble but the majority of awake people who visit this page will see this straight away

          • Ben Dover you sound like a gay porn star. I live in a million pound house and I can see you are jealous by your comments. Jealousy will get you no where hope you’ve had your booster, you wont be around long 😂😂

  3. “Always really against taking medicines…” but happy to supply £15,500 worth of cocaine! 3 years in prison!

    • I’ve learnt my lessons the hard way Phil had my spiritual awakening in Prison through meditation and have evolved as a human being. Back then I was all for the pharmaceutical industry but now I know the truth

      I’m wide awake and know exactly what’s going on after years of research…

  4. John 8:7

    So when they continued asking Him, He raised Himself up and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.”

    • Nice one Stan 👍

  5. Well said Stan… and to Phillip Jones and Phil Mc Cracken

    Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from making bad decisions…. Mark Twain

    • Thanks Theresa


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