Recently, a video has been circulating social media platforms from a Twitter user @ThatWelshFarmer Ioan Humphreys. This video gives the reality of what is happening with purchasing and production from farmers to supermarkets. Ioan points out in the video that people may be noticing there is an egg shortage at the moment and goes on to say how supermarkets are going to tell you this is because of Avian Flu when in reality its the supermarkets that wont pay for the eggs.


With the price of eggs going up for us, the consumer, you would imagine that the wholesale price would mirror this price rise. However, Ioan explains how this simply is not happening.

On Thursday, Voice Of Wales went along to North Wales to meet Ioan and discuss this video in more detail. What emerged is how British farmers are having to jump through hoops to meet certain standards and procedures and battle the massive price hike making their job almost impossible. Whilst this is going on, supermarkets are importing products from countries with far less regulations, lower standards and leaving our farmers out to dry.

It is clear that the farming industry is under attack and we must do what we can to support our farmers. Buy local as much as possible.


  1. Go co-op and sell directly to restaurants,bakeries,food companies or set up farmer markets.

  2. It is all part of the agenda to close down independent farms.
    They are using bureaucracy and red tape to do it.
    Under the false guise that it’s in the public’s interest.
    All the farmers and local shops should shove there middle finger up to the cretins


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