MPs and politicians are quick to grab a headline without knowing ALL the facts. So calling out bullshit, hypocrisy and corruption on either side of the Ukraine/Russia argument (a timely distraction from CHY-NA virus tyranny we have all been focusing on btw).

We can’t forget that Putin is a former Communist Soviet KGB agent who shows no respect for human life, and authorised agents to poison people in the UK.

We can’t ignore the fact he’s mobilised tens of thousands of Chechen fighters.

We can’t ignore the fact that the Communists under Stalin starved MILLIONS of Ukrainians to death (Holodomor).

We can’t ignore that thousands of innocent people will die due to Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.

But neither can we ignore the fact that the Ukraine has an active political and military neo Nazi presence that was funded and trained by western powers very recently.

We can’t forget that the west has further CORRUPTED the Ukraine and allegedly it’s a money laundering/money making mechanism for Democrats including the current President (BIDEN)

We can’t forget the the trigger for this invasion, the ambitions of bureaucrats in the EU and their expansionist policies, their goals to expand eastwards to add Ukraine to their Federal Empire. Putin has always wanted to keep Ukraine neutral as a buffer zone, with no Nato forces on his doorstep..we also remember America had similar concerns and stopped Russia basing missiles in Cuba as this was on their own doorstep.

We can’t ignore FACTS.

‘This is an attack on European democracy’ – Chris Evans MP | South Wales Argus—chris-evans-mp/?ref=rss


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