Those who have been following me for a while will know how relentless I am when ranting about government taxes. While oil prices are being blamed on Russia, nearly 80% of all oil prices are government taxes. If it is not clear yet, the government are the ones manufacturing the ever growing cost of living crisis through two years of locking businesses down, socialist policies such as the UBI, increasing fines for driving plus reducing speed limits so more people get fined and introducing new ridiculous road laws, majorly increasing taxes so no one can afford to pay them, etc. An economic crisis happens approximately every ten years, meaning we are overdue for one anyway, but the government is turning it into one of the worst recessions we’ve ever faced.

As part of the new plan, the Welsh Government aims to reassess all 1.5 million properties in Wales in order to create new bands alongside updated tax rates for each band. During the re-evaluations, the Welsh Government also aims to “overhaul” discounts, exemptions, premiums and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, which only provides support to low-income households. Does this mean they intend on repairing the benefit system which is being abused by so many able-bodied citizens? Most unlikely.

Wales Online explains the Welsh Government’s reasoning for this re-examination; “The Welsh Government says the system isn’t fair and the bands used to determine bills are based on information since 2003 so are nearly 20 years out of date and no longer represent current house values or our choices. The amount of council tax charged for band I properties is currently three and a half times as much as A, yet homes in the top band could be worth at least nine times as much as those in the bottom band.” 

As the government approved the energy companies to raise the price cap by 34% in April and another planned 50+% in October, it looks like this will be another farce in order to cost us more money. What a greedy world we live in.

Furthermore, I’d like to add that the increase in taxes is always blamed on the Tories (rightly so, to an extent). Well, in Wales Labour has the majority and they are the ones, in this instance, who are increasing the taxes.



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