The Christmas Spirit appears to have eluded everyone this year.  

One week before the big day, I’m wearing my Christmas jumper and made the effort to decorate my home with Christmas cheer earlier than most this year, yet the magic and celebration of this Christian holiday is seen but not felt.

I for one love Christmas. I’ve braved the cold English weather, and have attended several Christmas markets, with magical flickering lights, Christmas music blazing, drinking a hot toddy, while strolling through the market: tasting cheese and buying sweets, all the unhealthy kind of treats you allow yourself to have as you’ve been so good the rest of the year. “So, why not treat yourself a little”, I think to myself.

“I don’t feel Chrismassy this year,” mutters a work colleague. And not long after, I read a similar complaint online.  

Who stole Christmas?

We could say the current planetary alignments are causing havoc, or the propaganda on the main stream media are making us worry to no end causing us all unnecessary stress and anxiety, resulting in us forgetting the most basic items on our to-do lists or walking in a room to get something and not remembering what that thing was.

Personally, I feel that we all have just been through a lot this year. We’ve had several wars to contend with, immigration is at an all-time high, many policy changes within government, people fighting for their rights and freedoms. I think we are all just a little tired. And possibly broke. It’s been a tough year for so many and I’m not saying that we don’t have our challenges every year, but I find that in the spirit of giving, we want to give, and share, but finding it hard to do so.

One can’t pour from an empty cup.  Instead of going above and beyond this year, look after your own well-being. Remember it’s about the small things in life, appreciating what we have and making memories instead of buying big expensive gifts.

As a small team here at V.o.W. we thank everyone for their continuous support. We appreciate you and couldn’t do what we do without you. May we take this time to reflect on what we have achieved and gain the strength to continue the good fight in 2024.

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