It appears that wokeism has finally infested the hallowed halls of the Apostolic Palace. Maybe the Vatican is now seeking to define itself with gender fluidity simply because the current Pontiff doesn’t even occupy the Papal Apartment, has he been affected by those around him, in the absence of the sanctity and serenity of the Papal Chapel? Who knows? What we do know is that the current Pope is a law unto himself!

In one breath he defines human life as male and female, there are no other genders, and in another he wants to know how people ‘define themselves’ so as best to see how to interact with the LGBTQI+ community and beyond. One thing I would have to say is true though, the Church universally has taken a position of demonisation and offence towards those who do not share the same moral values. It is impossible to judge anyone by the standards you hold, when they do not even recognise those standards as the benchmark. For many years we have been demonstrative in our positions towards the LGBTQI+ community, when the Christ that I serve taught us to love all men and women, separating the individual from their sins, lest we never forget that all men have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, as St Paul opined in his epistle to the Romans, but that doesn’t mean we now abandon the tenets of our faith and the teachings of the Bible to appease ‘cultural trends’ or ‘popular opinion!’ As the Vatican now seeks to ‘position’ itself towards the LGBTQI+ community, a stark reminder must come to us all in the knowledge that it was popular opinion that led Christ to be crucified by the Romans, to appease the masses!

Yes, the church must interact with other faiths, other beliefs, and other opinions, but it must do so in a way that isn’t offensive to our faith, or an abandoning of two millennia of Christian teachings. As Pontiff, one would hope that Pope Francis would be more concerned with the Case for Christ, rather than the case for cultural relativism and ‘Non-Binary Gender Options!’

This is, in my opinion, way out of control now, especially when the majority of society as a whole is now subject to the whim and machinations of a minority of peoples, and the fear of reprisals from certain communities has become so entrenched in the psyche of so many, that every excuse under the sun is made for their vitriolic retaliations…for fear of being ‘labelled!’

It is through Christ that I am able to love those who despise me, and my faith, but that doesn’t mean for one second that I will change my beliefs to suit their cause or campaign. As much as I love my ‘neighbour’ I do not love them unto death, I do not worship them or their god of social justice, and I will not bend the knee to pamper to their ideologies!

Your Holiness, if you or anyone close to you ever gets to read this…for the love of all that we hold dear…show the world the intestinal fortitude of the faithful and stop pandering to the crowd…!! They have a voice, and we should listen, so that we act in the love of Christ…but we do not then concede to abide by the rules they insist we take…!!

For the last century we have sought to ‘mutually flourish’ through ecumenical discourse and relationships…it is about time those trying to force us to bend to their demands learnt the meaning of ‘mutual flourishing’ and allowed those who do not hold their beliefs to continue with their own lives, without the fear ot threat of violence and harm, physical and non-physical. We’re expected, no demanded, to love and respect the LGBTQI+ community, then they must in turn reciprocate…remembering that love and respect are freely given and can never be genuine when demanded or forced…!!

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  1. The Bish, hits the nail on the head – Love one another does not mean agree with one another or indeed roll over and be made to agree. Now the Vatican or rather the pretend Pope issues a questionnaire appearing to disagree with God. Times without number does the Bible talk about man and woman but is strangely silent on the issue of non-binary or other gender options!

    Its time Bishops and Priests concentrated on what is in the Bible than what is not.


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