Another example of the dangerous woke policies being authorised by the political puppets isolated from reality in the National Police Chief Council and College of Policing.

In a rare but welcome intervention from a retired South Wales Police Superintendent, Cath Larkman voices her concerns on behalf of many women who can now be lawfully strip searched by a male police officer identifying as a woman.

Let’s hope that many more retired or serving police officers will take the opportunity to speak out against the decline of policing standards. What is the stance of the Police Federation on the Chief Officer’s fixation with wokeness, diversity and division of officers by sex, skin colour, sexual orientation or religion?

At Voice of Wales we welcome insider views on the police prioritising prosecution of men wolf whistling, persistent staring and coercive behaviour along with their obsession with recording non crime hate incidents. 

If the police are serious about combating violence against women, should the above offences be placed before the prosecution of rape gangs and female genital mutilation and will the National Police Chief’s goal of recruiting 40% of female officers make policing stronger and reduce crime?


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