Yesterday evening, Salman Rushdie, author of Satanic Verses was stabbed by an Islamic extremist. And as we sit back and watch everything unfold including this interesting book enter the spotlight, it’s curious how people are more outraged over Salmans’ book on Muhammad, than the fact he was stabbed by an Islamist who didn’t like the fact this book pointed out the violence, peadophilia, and racism within their cult being pointed out. An article by the times of Israel summarised this attack by saying ”no one will any longer dare offend Islam”, well I can say with absolute certainty, that that does not apply to Tommy Robinson and it will not apply to many of us at Voice of Wales. 

A Pakistani-based Islamist with the Twitter handle ‘Meer Asif Aziz’ was seen responding to J.K. Rowling who said “Let him be ok” (referring to Salman Rushdie), of which Meer responded with a tweet saying “Don’t worry you are next.”

A deeper investigation by Voice of Wales has discovered numerous tweets by the radical Islamist in question, Meer Asif Aziz, who has been on Twitter slamming Pakistani women for not wearing Hijabs, talking about destroying Israel, and even stating that the suspected attacker of Salman Rushdie was a “revolutionary fighter”. We have attached all of these images below.

JK Rowling has been the centre of controversies in the past – typically for her beliefs on gender and free speech, and she had expressed her horror over the attempted murder on Rushdies life, which led to threats on her life by the Islamic mob.

The fact these threats can be made so blatantly and nothing be done is absolutely terrifying. We will update you as the story progresses.


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