In our previous article, which can be found here, we explained that Ukrainian refugees were being offered free NHS care, bus travel, housing, etc. In the same article we also spoke about how Voice of Wales exposed the Copthorne Hotel and the Dragon Hotel for being paid large sums of taxpayer money to house Afghan refugees, with no consultation of the public. In those instances it was only in Wales, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially considering Labour seems hell bent on making Wales a nation of sanctuary with complete disregard for any person who was actually born here and making sure that we put refugees first. Surprisingly, however, no longer is it just Labour who is trying to push this agenda, since Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seemingly okay with the entirety of the UK becoming one too.

As revealed in a tweet by the Home Office, which was then retweeted by Boris Johnson who stated that he was “proud”, more than 102,300 visas were granted to Ukrainians earlier this week.

Overall, the UK has a population of around 67 million, with Wales making up 3+ million of that.  As we explained in our earlier article, our economic system is in a severe state of decay – poverty, 227,000 on the streets, low wages, inflation, an ever growing cost of living crisis and experts have warned that we are facing the worst recession we’ve ever seen. Why isn’t our government, our elected representatives, helping us combat these issues?  Plus the fact we’re on the brink of economic collapse, but they are instead expending all of our resources into housing refugees without any referendum to see if this is actually what those who elected them want? 

According to recent data from the United Nations Human Rights Commission,  around six million people have now fled Ukraine, where will they go? Since Wales is officially a Nation of Sanctuary and England just approved more than 100,000 visas, will parliament let them flee here? Essentially, what is the limit, where does it end?

Furthermore, the “Homes for Ukraine” scheme that allows people to let Ukrainians live with them is facing major criticisms over delays, with some hosts ‘threatening to take legal action against the Government on behalf of the people they are sponsoring.’ The Homes for Ukraine scheme has seen nearly 20,000 people volunteer their homes and 17,900 Ukrainians join family members.

We’re not a massive country, we’re only a small island, and we’re struggling as it is, which is why I’m going to reiterate that charity starts at home. I’m not saying that immigration should be halted, to the contrary, It should be encouraged, however, taking in mass amounts of “refugees” and economic migrants could have a devastating impact on our country’s economic health, the NHS, and our political system. I mean two years ago Labour was calling for everyone in the UK to be given the right to vote, which would include refugees and economic migrants. The main problem is that we avoid this topic too often for fear of being called racist, and due to that, we never ask the difficult questions, even though we should, and we have the right too.


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