Recently, at Voice of Wales, we wrote an article on the fact the Welsh Government has decided to axe the number of second homes and apply new  “premium” taxes. Well, Labour Welsh Minister, Mark Drakeford, is adamant that his second home in Pembrokeshire is not a second home, elegantly describing it as a “chalet”.

The Labour-led council has decided to go along with this and thus he will not be required to pay a council tax premium. The following is purely speculation and my opinion; if this was anyone else but one of the “leaders” of the Labour Welsh Government, then it would still be classed as a second home – despite if you called it a “chalet” or not. This ‘one rule for thee but not for me’ mentality from the Welsh Assembly needs to end now. An FOI to the Welsh Government asking if this was paid for using taxpayer money and what the total cost of the “chalet” is, is immanent.



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