I’ve been reading an article in the Daily Telegraph about electric vehicles (EV) and taxes. Since EVs pay no road tax or fuel tax, the treasury will lose that revenue and will somehow need to raise the £35bn lost. 

A suggestion of “pay as you go” could possibly be one way to deal with the loss. Sounds fair?

However, the report emphasised that the plan is for us to walk more (fitter) and use public transport.  Sounds very good for the environment in principle, but I personally see it as a way to take more of our freedoms away.

Let’s assume the government are thinking only of our health (it could be true).

First of all, getting to work by public transport is impossible for many.  The times and routes are not compatible with shift patterns and secondly the cost is prohibitive.   


Before it can be an option, councils and the government will have to ensure public transport is improved and reduce ticket costs.  Surely this will cost billions?  

We know many people in the UK are very overweight and unhealthy. Walking would be a great benefit to them no doubt. How many of us have jumped in the car to drive half a mile to the local shop?  I know I have.


But what about the elderly or infirm?  How would they cope without their vehicle? Ah yes, there are specially adapted taxis and buses, have ramps for wheelchairs, keeping in mind all of these alternatives have a cost.

It all seems very convenient that fuel prices have increased so drastically as we are being encouraged to walk more and drive less.  


A ten gallon tank will cost us an extra £15.00.  If your income just about covers your living costs, how will you find the extra money?

Once again, it’s the poor who will suffer.  Like it always has been over the centuries.

Does anyone care and what can we do about it?

Perhaps another Yellow Jacket Revolution.



  1. I’ve got a Hi Viz Jacket….. In fact several I didn’t own two weeks ago when the Police gifted them to me.

    On a serious note – This is about control. The effect of our impact on a global scale is negligible. It’s CHY-NA, USA, INDIA etc who need to axe emissions. We need to fight for our freedoms.

    • Totally agree Stan. Boris et al are so determined to reduce our carbon footprint to zero, putting many into difficult positions, yet no-one is targeting the biggest culprits, USA, China, India and Russia

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