Recently, I wrote an article on the new 20mph national speed limit that will be implemented from September 2023 under the new Restricted Roads Order 2022. You can read more on that here. However, it’s not looking promising for this new rule, especially with the pilot test scheme not going so well.

Three months ago, the 20mph pilot scheme was introduced to rural areas in Wales, like Caldicot. This was to be a test to see if the 20mph speed limit would work on a national level, and already, Monmouthshire Council has deemed that these two stretches of road could see this speed limit abandoned, with a return back to a 30mph. The reason why, is because local residents are posing concerns that the new limit was causing congestion.

A local resident, Carol Rundle stated, “you have people up your backside trying to get past”

With another resident, Julie Hillman, stating the complete opposite and being in support of the new speed limits.

She said: “it’s a really good idea. We don’t need to be in a rush here. People have got used to going too fast I’d say.”

More than 40,000 people have signed a petition calling on the Welsh Government to scrap the proposed legislation.


Correction – it’s two sections on a single road. 99% of roads set to 20mph remain at 20mph



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