Today is the big day, and first in line of the updates regarding Rwanda is that seven out of the original 130 are to be on the flight, deporting them to East Africa. This comes despite the 250 migrants that just arrived in Dover, after illegally crossing the channel earlier this afternoon. 

Furthermore, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, made an appearance on the BBC this morning on which she stated that “the first flight taking asylum seekers to Rwanda will take off and people who are not removed on Tuesday will be on subsequent flights.”  Boris Johnson also stated the government will not be “deterred or ambushed” by the criticism this initiative is facing. Though these are honourable statements and remind me a little of the glory days of the Conservatives when they actually held proper traditional values, are these just empty meaningless words?  Earlier today, there were fears that the flight would get cancelled due to the low number of economic migrants booked to be deported on this flight. According to a recent report by Care4Calais, the number has drastically decreased to “less than eight“. As was pointed out by Voice of Wales earlier today on Telegram, we just had another 250 cross the English channel and we have plenty of room on the flight. Our opinion? Stick them on there!

Also today as part of the major propaganda campaign from the mainstream mockingbird media, The Independent allege warnings of a new “racist slur”, where people are now saying “send you to Rwanda”. According to this article, “London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Home Secretary Priti Patel, Labour MP Diane Abbott and campaigner Femi Oluwale, among numerous others have been targeted by online users suggesting that they should be removed from Britain and flown to the east African country.” As bad as this may be, people are entitled to an opinion. And it’s pretty evident from the support of the Rwanda asylum plan online, and the hate against Ben & Jerrys when they put out a tweet in support of the fake refugees, that most of Britain wants the Rwanda  plan to take succeed. 

Moving on, however, to the title of this article; yesterday, we reported on the Court of Appeal’s decision not to overturn the decision made by a previous judge to refuse an injunction on the Rwanda flight as the courts have not yet come to a consensus on the legality of this immigration policy. However, Sky News just revealed that, “Lord Reed said, there had been an ‘assurance’ that, if the government’s policy of removing asylum seekers to Rwanda is found to be unlawful, steps would be taken to bring back any migrants flown to the east African nation in the interim.” 

As was pointed out to us recently, there is no definitive law that says coming to the UK without the appropriate documents is illegal. This, as I explained, was most likely due to the 47 years we spent in the EU, which, if you didn’t know, has rules in place for all members that states you’re not allowed to have “secure borders”. This is most likely the reason why we don’t have any illegal immigration laws. But we do desperately need them. With an ever growing cost of living crisis, an economy in a severe state of decay, we don’t have the resources to keep taking in hundreds of thousands of refugees. Recently, 100,000 Ukrainian visas were approved for them to be housed in the UK as refugees. We’ve had over 10,000 refugees cross the channel into this country so far this year, and we don’t have the resources. 

Charity starts at home.

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