V.o.W had the privilage of having Adv. Richard Botha and David Atherton on our LIVE show where we discuss recent events going on in South Africa.

Both panellists are very knowledgeable when it comes to communism and Wokeism.

As we are attempting to understand the reason behind the riots and the unrest we are seeing in South Africa; Borders without limits, and life under Socialism & Communism.

With two fantastic guests we are really happy to bring you this show!

If you missed our LIVE on Tuesday, you can watch it through the link below:

“Ism’s Vs. Liberty – All One And The Same”


  1. Music is terrible! At the start!
    Can’t watch but listen through my mega expensive Sony SRX Bluetooth. Hahaha, then men of harlech music to my ears!

  2. Great show, loved it, thanks for all your hard work,all involved!


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