Foreign Policy Disaster

Stan Says: It’s taken just ½ a year for everyone to see what a walking disaster Biden is on Foreign Policy.

The parallels with Saigon and the fall of the Shah made him look foolish in the extreme and will most likely kill off any chances of going for a second term and even this presidency and with any luck, the prospects of Kamala Harris becoming Commander in Chief have evaporated too.

You may remember in April, the Vice President, Kamala Harris, boasted of her role in withdrawing troops out of Afghanistan; just Like Biden’s pronouncements in July that the Afghan army would hold out against the Taliban. Her comments have not aged well and she has since gone off grid.

It’s been a torrid week for Biden, he’s handled it abysmally.

First making a pathetic attempt to convince the public he was putting Americans first before blaming Donald Trump for the withdrawal timetable he inherited, which he had plenty of freedom to alter, and then the intelligence community who it turns out gave the doddering President plenty of warning that the Afghan army would likely fail.

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