Join us here with our live interview with the co founder of Students Against Tyranny James, Voice of Wales Jr Journalist Kalial & Concerned parent Gareth!

Students against Tyranny are recent victims of a Wales Online hit job! here is the link!

We hope you enjoy the show.

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  1. OK lads, big fans. I’m a 47 year old veteran and Afghan immigrants moving into Oyo Hotel in Rhyl on the seafront. Can you investigate the hotel on the way up here to Prestatyn this weekend ?

    See you at pontins. Sgt John Williams

    (Served- 2006, 1st Battalion deployed to Cyprus ​​​​​​and then to Afghanistan from October 2007 until April 2008 and later returned to Afghanistan for operational tours in October 2009 and April 2012.

    Between May and November 2007, 2nd Battalion deployed to Iraq during Operation Telic..).


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