In this latest article from Tales Online, it details the plan of the Welsh Government to “stamp out racism… by 2030.” Does this sound like a good use of resources and taxpayers’ money? Obviously, racism is an important issue to combat… but in the 20th century, when it existed. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist, it does. But in no way is it as prevalent as it was during slavery. Britain has never had the issues America has faced and it’s wrong of the left to suggest it. It’s astonishing that most of the white “tolerant” left seem to be hell bent on telling black people they are being discriminated against by us “white folk.”

The plan, which can be found here, explains that the only people impacted by racism “are black, Asian and minority ethnic people.” Did they forget that in 2021 Coca Cola was exposed for training staff “to be less white” and oddly were not penalised for committing a hate crime, or the fact the EU is set to target white people through “Anti-White Racist Policies”. I can find numerous examples during the past ten years where white, straight men were also subject to discrimination. Do they go around screaming for reparations? No, they didn’t.

To push the propaganda, there are victim testimonies and statements made that “ethnic minority people have become accustomed to living with the reality of racism”. I have never heard such a laughable statement, white on black crime is the lowest it’s ever been, with black-on-black crime being astronomically higher. To the Welsh Assembly I ask the following; “how much money are you putting into this campaign? Have you verified any of the testimonies from alleged victims to verify these allegations of racial abuse”? “Does ‘stamping out racism’ involve pushing government censorship? Will this mean forced reparations using taxpayers’ money”?

If Wales is such a racist country, then why are we a ‘Nation of Sanctuary?’


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