Recently, Voice of Wales wrote an article on a new tax that will see anyone with a second home being forced to pay a premium, we also explained how Drakeford, Labour leader of the Welsh Government, is adamant that his Pembrokeshire “Chalet” does not fall under the scope of the second home tax. In addition to this, Drakeford proposed a new law requiring additional council tax to be paid on homes left unused or rented out for 182 days a year. Whenever I talk to Labour supporters/lefties and ask them why they don’t like the Tories, the majority of responses talk about the constant new taxes and tax rises we see from them. However, when Drakeford has spent the last couple of weeks adding new taxes left, right and centre, these same people seem to be very silent.

This story has developed somewhat of an even more interesting storyline as it’s what’s led to Mark Drakeford and his entire cabinet team being banned from the popular National Cave Centre in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Dan Yr Ogof. 

According to the owner of Dan Yr Ogof caves, Ashford Price, has stated the reason he has been banned is “because of his anti-tourism tax that he is bringing in across the country at the time of the cost of living crisis… we don’t need a tourism tax in Wales.”

Furthermore, the chairman of the National Showcaves centre for Wales, has placed a sign outside Dan Yr Ogof saying “owing to the Welsh Government’s anti-tourism, and anti-English policies being imposed on the Welsh tourism industry, members of the Welsh government are no longer welcome at this attraction. Their policies will lead to tourism businesses being forced to close and thousands of tourism jobs lost.”

After two years of lockdowns, and forcing businesses to close, with a currently ongoing everlasting cost of living crisis – seeing an inflation rate of 10%, which is estimated to hit 13% by the end of the year, it seems that the Welsh Labour government would like nothing better than to exacerbate this problem with a tonne of tax increases – which so far have lead to greater fuel prices, a lower rate of tourism, and a load of businesses to close.


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